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Being a Knights Templar today doesn’t mean we all run around in cloaks and tabards and go off to fight in the crusades! A modern day Templar is more about the three C’s: Christianity, Chivalry and Charity.


The tenets of the Order are Christianity, Charity and Chivalry.

The Grand Priory of England and Wales is Autonomous. The Order is apolitical, ecumenical and non- Masonic, devoted to the promotion of the Chivalric ideals and expects its members:

  • To acknowledge God in their lifestyle and behaviour

  • To love and respect their neighbour

  • To increase understanding between religions

  • To maintain a Christian presence in the Holy Land

  • To support the poor, sick, those in need, and to relieve human suffering

  • To stand against oppression and unjust accusations

  • To protect human rights

  • To encourage the noble ideals of Chivalry

  • To maintain the monuments, archives and history of the Knights Templar and foster education and research thereof.

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