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First Contact Day: 5th April 2063

"There’s no need to wait until 2063 to usher in a new era of human progress."

April 5th 2063 is, according to Star Trek canon, the day in which the human race make first contact with the Vulcans, an alien species first portrayed on screen by Leonard Nimoy who played Spock in the Star Trek Original Series.

But what has this got to do with the Knights Templar?


First Contact Day has been celebrated by Star Trek fans since the idea was first introduced in the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact. Traditionally it was a day to celebrate all things Trek with fans gathering together to watch favourite films and episodes.

But First Contact Day could, and indeed should, be more than that.

First Contact explores the idea of what happens when we allow ourselves to be controlled by our fears instead of working together, embracing our differences and using them to make us stronger. And never has this ideal been more important.

As the Covid-19 virus continues to spread throughout the globe killing tens of thousands and infecting hundreds of thousands more we've all witnessed what happens when people give in to their fears. We may have even allowed ourselves to full victim to our own fears. We've seen people hoarding supplies, spreading misinformation, and using the virus as an excuse to harm those who are different to ourselves.

Many people are so afraid they are unable to change their habits including continuing to gather in public spaces; picnicking in parks or meeting secretly in pubs. Despite the fact that this increases the risk of infection and puts our elderly and the immunocompromised in greater danger the fear of change and difference is making it impossible for many people to alter their actions.

As Templars we have a responsibility to promote the strength that comes from embracing our differences. We don't need to wait until 2063 to usher in a new era of human progress and defeat fear. We can do it now, but we can only do it by working together.

If you are a Star Trek fan then I hope First Contact Day 2020 is filled with all the usual fun. And with social media we can still share our favourite Trek moments with each other. But I also hope we advocate the underlying message of First Contact.

Peace and long life to all.

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