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How Medieval Archers Shot 1000 Arrows in 25 seconds

Danish archer, Lars Andersen, is no stranger to proving what many in the archery world have thought impossible over the years. The dynamic bowman has, for example, proven how to free up bows in midair. He's even demonstrated how to shoot arrows around walls.

Now, Andersen is back with a brand new video showcasing another unbelievable method - One which might have allowed medieval archers to loose a ridiculous number of arrows in an exceptional amount of time.

This interesting and unorthodox tactic is described within a manuscript on Arab archery written during the 1500s.

Within the video Andersen demonstrates his approach to the technique, unleashing 10 arrows at a time in quick succession and describes the technique to be more like that of a shot gun where you get a spray of arrows that seriously increases the chances of getting a hit.

Anderson said: "Power from each arrow is very low but if arrows were poisonous (as many historical arrows were) then arrows hitting in the face or other unprotected areas could be dangerous.

"[And] if the purpose is to spread as many arrows as possible, then you may only need very quickly made [cheap] arrows."

Andersen goes on to say the approach’s damage capabilities are currently unclear and it's debatable whether this technique has any real practical uses beyond being a clever trick due to the lack of precision and velocity.

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