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I Want to be a Templar...?

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked on a daily basis by people looking for information to join this Order of Knights Templar.



Do I have to be a Christian?

The short answer is yes. You have to follow a Christian faith to be able to join. You also have to be over 18.

I am based outside of the UK can I join your Order?

In theory, yes. But in practice it doesn't really benefit either of us. We are the Grand Priory of England & Wales so if you live outside of either of these two nations it would be better for you to join a Priory that's closer to home.

I am a Freemason, can I join?

Yes. We are non-Masonic, but have members who are also Freemasons. Some were Masons before coming to us, and others joined us before becoming a Freemason.

Can women join?

Yes, of course. Because we're not Masonic anyone of any gender can join.

Can you tell me where the Holy Grail is?


Will I get paid to be a member?


Are you a cult?


I want to know the inner workings of the Universe and take supper with the lizard people.

We are probably not the right organisation for you. We also don't go on crusades.

After I join are we going to go on crusades?

Erm... No. Unless you class raising money for charities and those in need as a crusade. We do a lot of that kind of stuff.

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