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King Charles III - First Public Address

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

HM King Charles III addresses the nation for the first time.

At 6pm on Friday 9th September HM King Charles III addressed the nation for the very first time.

Just 24-hours after the announcement of the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, her son, HM King Charles III, made his first address to the United Kingdom from Buckingham Palace.

During the address King Charles announced that his son, Prince William, would take over his previous role as both Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales.

Before making his speech His Majesty met with politicians, including the Prime Minister Liz Truss where he revealed that this was the moment he had been dreading.

Later on Friday evening a public, ticketed ceremony of remembrance took place at St Paul's Cathedral.

Saturday 10th September will see a rare weekend sitting of the House of Commons where senior MPs will gather to take an oath of allegiance to the new King from 2pm.

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