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Medieval Dead TV Show

A crack team of archaeologists travel to battlegrounds and battlefields, towns and villages, churches and burial grounds to search for clues hidden in the bones of the dead from medieval times.


Medieval Dead trailer from Dragons Head Films' YouTube channel.


With three series available; the team bring historical stories to life from Britain, as well as Finland, France and Portugal to piece together a pan-European picture of what life was really like for our distant ancestors, as well as challenging some accepted theories.

Subjects tackled in the first series include what happened top Richard III's lost chapel, the last stand at Visby, and the mysterious woman of Tadcaster.

In series two the team look at the 12th-century warrior of Janakkala, and ask why he was buried with swords from the Saxon and Viking era. They also meet the extraordinarily well-preserved face of the Knight of Saint Bees, investigate the Massacre at Montesgur, come face to face with the Lewis Skeleton and get the story behind the Portuguese battle at Aljuborrata and the Agincourt Band of Brothers.

You can access this show in the UK via Sky, NowTV, the Yesterday Channel on Freeview, or catch-up with the UKTV app.

A highly recommended series of programmes for anyone interested in medieval history.

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