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Templars Form Guard for New Mayor

The Knights Templar of England & Wales came to Conwy on Monday 20th May to act as the guard for the town’s new mayor.

Led by the Grand Prior the guard consisted of the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor, Wardon of the Insignia, Squire’s Preceptor, Almoner, Charity Officer for Wales, Knights, the Squire, Novices, and Postulants.

The inauguration of the new Mayor of Conwy, which took place on Monday May 20th, saw Cllr Janette Hughes sworn in for 2024/25.

As is tradition in Conwy, the new Mayor is also appointed the Constable of the Castle. A position that has been in existence since 1283.

The official roles of the Constable were:

  • Governor of the castle.

  • Governor of the fortified borough.

  • Keeper of the castle gaol (prison)

  • Mayor.

  • Plus other “extraordinary” duties.

The first Constable was William de Cycun (aka Guillaume de Cicon) who was appointed by King Edward I. Previous to becoming Constable of Conwy, Cycun was Constable of Ryddlan. Cycun remained Conwy’s Constable until he died around 1310 or 1311.

At his appointment to Conwy it was recorded:

The king has committed in like manner to William de Cycun [Guillaume de Cicon], the castle of Aberconewey [Conwy], with the armour, etc, and has granted to him 190 livres yearly for the custody thereof, to be received as above, on condition that he shall have continuously have in garrison, in addition to himself and his household, at his cost thirty fencible men, of whom fifteen shall be crossbowmen one chaplain, one artiller, a carpenter, a mason and a smith, and of the others shall be made janitors, watchmen and other ministers of the castle. Order is given to all bailiffs etc (as above).

In the winter of 1294/95 Cycun successfully defended Conwy Castle whilst it was under siege during the rebellion of Madog ap Llywelyn. Also in residence at this time was King Edward I and King Edward’s jester Tom le Föl.

Thankfully the only siege to take place in Conwy these days is that of tourists. Something which the town is extremely grateful for.

"I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Conwy Town Council for entrusting me with this important responsibility," said Mayor Hughes.

"Together, let us embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and work tirelessly to make our communities a place we can all be proud of.”

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