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A Welsh Proverb

Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales, used this Welsh proverb in his tribute speech to the Queen.

Colli tad, colli cyngor; colli mam, colli angor.

To lose a father is to lose advice; to lose a mother is to lose an anchor.

Why publish it here? What has this to do with Templars?

At times like these. Times of nationwide events both happy and sad it makes you reflect on aspects of your own lives. And this short proverb made me think specifically about what it is to be a Templar.

Joining this Order of Templars and being a Knight or Dame is being in a family. A family, like every family, that has its ups and downs. But one that is ultimately a source of support and love for its members.

We celebrate, we grieve, we laugh, and we cry. But always together. Because together we are stronger.

Within our Order we have brothers and sisters, but we also have those who occupy a parental-like role; they are our mentors. The ones who guide us, help us to grow, and help us to become more than the sum of our parts. Many who have been given this most important rank don't realise it is a rank they hold. They don't wear a jewel, there was no ceremony, and they haven't received a certificate proclaiming them such, they just do it.

Being a Knight Templar isn't about AGAs, banquets, and gaining promotions. These are important, and lovely, and fun. But not essential. What is important is the unique bond we have with each other. This is what should really be cherished.

To those who have helped this Templar in particular during his time within the Order, I can only say "thank you". Your continued guidance has been more precious to me than any of you will ever know. My hope is that one-day I may repay your kindness by helping a brother or sister of the Order the way you have helped me.

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