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From Novice to Knight - Fr. Damien Thompson's Charity Fundraising Walk for Ty Gobaith

Within our Order of Knights Templar you can't just join as a Knight or Dame straight away. There is a strict process that takes a minimum of two-years to complete.

After a successful interview you become a Postulant and are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting, which takes place on the closest weekend to October 13th. It is during the ceremony at this meeting that you are made a Novice of the Order.

In order to progress further you have to complete a task. This task has to be linked to one of our three pillars; chivalry, Christianity, or charity.


Fr. Damien Thompson hopes to bring the amount raised for Hope House above £500 today.


Today Fr. Damien Thompson will be tackling his task - He's going for a walk.

But not just any walk. Damien will be attempting to walk the 700+ year old walls of the medieval town of Conwy 23 times. Or, for those not familiar with the town, that's approximately 25 miles... Oh and he's going to be doing it dressed in armour.

In the shadow of the 13th Century Castell Conwy, Damien will be setting off from The Medieval Quarter at 8am and hopes to finish his walk within 8-hours.

Why would a man put himself through this?

In aid of charity of course.

So far Damien has raised £435 for children's hospice Ty Gobaith (Hope House) and is aiming to increase that figure during the day. If you'd like to help him do that you can donate online via his Just Giving Page (link below), or if you happen to see him in Conwy today you can donate directly.

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