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Is This a Templar Discovery?

Can you identify this item?


Image 1 showing the front of the item.

Image 2 showing the back of the item.


We were contacted today (24th January 2022) by Rowena Savage a metal detectorist who discovered the item above this weekend whilst metal detecting in Misterton, South Yorkshire.

The item was originally thought to be a WW1 cap badge, but Rowena is now wondering if it has anything to do with the Knights Templar.

The cross in the centre certainly looks to be a Templar symbol. Around the cross it reads: "Juvenile Temple of England". And it looks like the pointed structure around the seal is the Star of David. Rowena contacted us in the hopes we may be able to uncover the origins of this item. If you have any information that might shed some light on what this is please get in touch with me ( so I can pass this on to Rowena.

Edit: After doing a very quick google search I've found a few details relating to the Juvenile Temple, which seems to be linked to an organisation called The Order of Good Templars (OGT). This organisation, from what I understand based on the limited information available online, appears to be a temperance society from the early 1900s.

If this is indeed what it's from then each lodge of the OGT was encouraged to have a section for youngsters, the Juvenile Temple.

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